Children Next Door


How do I get involved?


1. You can donate.


What to donate:

*School Supplies (backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencils, boxes of crayons)

*Books (storybooks, dictionaries, educational books)

*Home Items (pots, pans, mosquito nets, etc)

*Basics (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soaps, toiletries)

*Dry Goods (boxed noodles, canned vegetables/fruits, canned spaghetti sauce)

*Clothes (clean, washed, lightly used or unused summer clothing, blankets, towels)

*Monetary (Our website does not accept monetary donations. If you wish to send a financial donation instead of goods, we will channel you to the GVSDA Church-Children Next Door Fund. Monetary donations will be used to purchase essential home items, shipment of the boxes, direct donation and our greater goal of sending children to school.)


2. You can sponsor a "box of love" ($60 to ship)

3. Purchase a backpack kit prefilled with school supplies ($10 each)

4. You can sponsor a child to go to school for a year ($25/month tuition)

5. You can assist in rebuilding a school or a church ($250)

6. You can pray for the children and their families, especially the hurting.


What NOT to donate:

Broken or torn items that need repairs

Dirty clothing items or blankets

Winter clothing


We invite and encourage everyone to partner with Children Next Door. If you wish to fill "boxes of love" with items (as listed above) and ship them at your own expense, we have the information for you on how and where you could send them. Many suffering hearts are waiting for your gift of love today. We have a few volunteers who will help you through this process, whether you are interested to be a sponsor, a donor or a volunteer, there is an opportunity for you to reach out to those who are in need. We will let you know how your donations can reach these precious children and their families. 100% of donations will go towards food, clothing, shipment, basic building materials and/or educational assistance.


May the Lord bless the many of you who have reached out, have expressed the desire to serve, and are still making the decision. It is our prayer that the Lord will bless you "that there shall not be room enough to receive it."



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COVER PHOTO: Angelika Alekseenko


Angelika was the youngest of 3 cousins who survived during the typhoon Haiyan. With the help of a brave cousin, she was able to hang on to a piece of wood and debris floating around which led to her being rescued by a construction worker who saw the kids being washed away by the current. She lost both of her beloved grandparents, Ely and Myrna, who are the inspiration behind this misson project, Children Next Door.