Children Next Door


CHILDREN NEXT DOOR is a mission project dedicated towards serving those who are in need and inspiring others to do the same. We view ourselves as partners with other ministries, our church, our community, and the world. We aim to impact 100+ families per year, both local and international. Our main goal is to give with the right heart and make a difference through sharing blessings with others, build relationships, and spread the love of Christ.


CHILDREN NEXT DOOR was started in January 2014 with the focus of assisting school children and their families who were victims of the super tyhoon "Haiyan" that hit the eastern, central, and western provinces of the Philippines. With the generosity of several individuals, various organizations, and God's sustaining grace, we were able to meet our goals in year 2014 and will continue to strive hard to extend a helping hand to others in the coming years.


The children and their families who will benefit from your gift will remember this gesture of kindness throughout their lives. You, your family, your church, or your ministry can partner with us in this endeavor. For more information on how you can get involved, please go to PARTNERS.





Our Goals:

*Send school supplies, clothing, home items, goods, hygiene kits, etc


*Sponsor a child to school.

Part of our objective is to provide educational assistance to school children.


*Impact the lives of 100 families every year. Serve people and communities in the coming years until Jesus comes.


*Share this ministry. Bless others. God be praised!




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Call us on: 352-332-9118

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This mission project is inspired by these two special people who faithfully served the Lord together until their death.


I love my parents dearly and miss their prayers, smiles, hugs, guidance and support . The legacy of their faithfulness and love for the Lord and His work have allowed me to see God through their lives in the good times and the bad. Therefore, I always see God as He is --- faithful and just --- no matter how bitter life's experiences may be. I just have to trust in His wisdom.


Their life story has always encouraged me. I hope that even for a moment it inspires you, too. If it does, I pray that you join me (with family and friends) in this journey to bless the lives of others in ways the Lord will lead us.  


I dedicate this ministry to God today in remembrance of their many years of fruitful service. - Helen